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Miraculous You – Amour Vous

If you ever need of a reminder of your own natural magic and brilliance (and who doesn’t) try reading this…

Naturally Miraculous

You are not the size of the clothes you wear.
You are not your weight, nor the color of your hair.
You are thought, word and action (both willed and hard-wired).

You are life.  Miraculous life.  To be celebrated and admired.   

- Anonymous

Right???  Ok, we’re gonna nerd out just for a minute.   The mere
fact that you are alive and reading this implies you are a miracle. 
A miracle of all that had to go right for you to be on the blue
planet spinning around the sun. 

It’s an easy phenom to forget with the constant barrage of
daily to-do’s, stresses to manage and perpetual images
buzzing with all we ‘could or should’ be-but it’s a truth with
incredible power when held front and center.


Take a few seconds if you can each day and remind yourself
of that one miraculous fact.  You are here.  Alive and amazing
in a world full of wonders. 

Enjoy it.  Own it.  Share it.  Don’t worry if others don’t get it. 
You can only hope, for their sake, they will.   



Here's to you!

All Our Best,
The Amour Vous Crew